Cycles for Rhino renders only grey

I have a little problem, hope someone can help.
i was setting up a renderscene for rendering with cycles.
suddenly the cycles for rhino renderer is only producing a grey picture. the raytraced display mode still works as expected. any idea what’s wrong?

not only the current file, it happens also with all my other files i had rendered with CfR :frowning:

I haven’t checked the plug-in in a while, I may have unwittingly introduced a code booboo. Right now I can’t verify though, as I’m coming my disks to new SSDs.

Have you ensured you have the latest Cycles for Rhino plug-in installed?

yes, the 0.1.2,
i even reinstalled it,
also set raytraced in display mode settings to the default values, because it was mentioned in the changes for the last wip, that this would set cycles completely to its default values.

Indeed resetting defaults is a good thing to try. As said it takes some time before I can continue working. It’ll probably be Tuesday, as I am busy with the cloning, and then on Monday we have Vappu - a day (Finnish Labour day)

no problem,
i’ll get along with the raytraced viewport for a while.

cloning? i always like to start fresh :smiley:

have a nice weekend / holiday

on my older laptop @home I have the problem exactly the other way around:

  • I can render in cycles via “render” command

  • but the raytraced viewport remains grey

it is an older Intel GPU which unfortuneatly is not well supported in rhino 6 (rhino5 was running quite good and stable) but can this affect the raytraced viewport?

You’ll need a card that supports OpenGL 3.3 or later to ensure the render results can be drawn to the screen. I think I could make it work for older too, but I AFAIK we are pushing the display pipeline to be OpenGL 3.3 Core Profile anyway…

The reason you probably can see the render command result is that for this window no OpenGL is used to get the result onto the screen.

You could check to see if there is a newer driver available for your card, but chances are that it still wouldn’t be enough.

I hoped the issue would be resolved with WIP 2017-May-9. but cycles is still only giving me a grey image. so still only usable via raytraced in viewport.

Right, I haven’t had time to look into Cycles for Rhino yet. I’m currently working on clipping planes.

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Finally it works again, no more gray renderings, great, thanks!

… and then some. Check the depth channel (: You should be able to use the render window post-pro effects that use depth information, like Depth of Field, Fog, etc…