Cycles is not rendering

Hi everyone,
When I switch to raytraced view it says “rendering” at the bottom of viewport but nothing happens.
Normally it should be slowly making the rendered image clear. All it does is show me the regular rendered viewport.
This only happens in my workstation. In my personal laptop raytraced viewport works just fine.

Hi, A few questions:

  • how complex is your file?
  • what GPU do you have?
  • how long do you let it try before you terminate?

@Alper, can you please paste the results of the Rhino command _SystemInfo here?

while I wait for you to give this information for further diagnosis here a few possibilities:

  • if you’re using a supported AMD GPU Raytraced may still be compiling the kernels. This will happen each time I update the kernel code, or when you have updated the AMD drivers. Compiling kernels may take up to at least 10 minutes, maybe even more.
  • rare invalid mesh (I think I got all of that ironed out), but possible still in older Rhino 6 version


Unfortunately It isn’t about the complexity of the file. It cant even render a simple cube. And I have let it run for an hour.
My system info is attached down below.
SystemInfo.txt (1.6 KB)
For reference,

Thank you,

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@Alper You are on Rhino 6 SR6. We are currently already on 6 SR29 with 6 SR30 to be released soon as well. There have been a lot of fixes since 6 SR6. Seeing that you have a Quadro RTX 4000 the 6 SR6 version did not have support for that card yet.

Please update to the latest SR and see if it is still a problem.

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That sounds great. I was worried that it might take a long troubleshoot.
Just got my workstation and didnt know rhino in it was that outdated. Thank you for the help.


I have randomly had this problem too, now and then with quite simple files - and on MacOS with Rhino V6 and V7.


In the case of @Alper it is because he is using an outdated Rhino version that did not have support for the modern GPU he has.

Yes, I know - that’s a bit different compared to my experience. I still thought I would let you know, now that I recalled having the same problem now and then, when I read this. I should have started a new thread, but I was too busy (and lazy)…