Cycles Emmiter Problems

Hey Folks,
I have some trouble with the emitter / emission materials.

If I use a “normal” emission material and change the intensity of the emitter material - nothing happen. Not lighter / not darker.

If I use a physical based material and want to at some emission -> Rhino crashes.

With Cycles on board it is a big jump but there are also new expectations of the users because Cycles is able to replace Maxwell or V-Ray or… in some or maybe most cases. And based on this thought the emission function is very important to get advanced outputs.
New render engine - Ne possible comparisons to the other systems :slight_smile:

By the way I really like the new render engine (now not just in the viewport!)

I actual use the last beta build (macOS)

I test emissive materials quite a bit on both Windows and Mac. Please submit crash reports when Rhino crashes.

Here a quick render of my desktop scene I use to showcase PBR materials. This version is lit by an emissive material used for the LED filament with only the tiniest bit of skylight (0.1 intensity). Rendered out just now.

I done this.

And the emitter problems were a settings thing. I had a headlight way to bright.

@nathanletwory Do you have any Idea who you can set the fresnel effect?!

I just play a little bit and I am happy with Cycles!

so the material can be applied to any object and illuminate the room with it? is there any GI hooked up to cycles yet?

chee i think it would be gorgeous to have a full cycles for rhino manual at some point, if i did not miss it yet. now that i have the rhino 7 evaluation i can finally get playing :slight_smile:

Yes, use the material called Emission. Here is the one I used in the LED filament shot


This is what lights the desk model.

It is essentially just a PBR material with emission channel set, and multiplier to that value. If you use directly a PBR material you’ll be able to use a texture as well instead of just a color.

Fresnel should be automatically enabled already for cases where it should be, when using Metal, Glass, Gem and Physically Based materials. If you use Custom material you can check the Fresnel Reflectivity box towards the bottom.

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