Cutting with wire

Again, I think I’m doing as instructed but I don’t get the result I want.

Can you share the object you are cutting? is it open or solid? Also it was not clear from the clip if you actually pressed “Enter” in the last step to cut through. If so, does it work as expected when you do not press enter?

HI, the object I’m cutting is not a solid. I’ve hit enter twice and nothing happens. Earlier I tried cutting just one surface after blowing up the object but that failed as well.

Ok, I see that and you expect that the first extrusion will be in the Y direction and the second normal to it (following the default).
The first “through” option is really meant for closed curves and this is perhaps why it is not working for an open curve, but I see it available in the prompt. I’ll check the code and see what is going on there.
Thanks for pointing it out.

Closed curves or closed objects? I wirecut closed objects all the time with open curves, please don’t remove this functionality. OTOH, it does fail if the object is open.

Wirecut with open objects and the through option should work just like adding a cutting plane and using Split.

Thanks, --Mitch

@rajaa I second Helvetosaur…I wirecut closed solids with open wires all the time. Works perfectly and very very useful in addition to closed curve. Please DO NOT remove the open curve option. Here is an example:

@JKayten Try wirecutting in plan view perpendicular to the direction of the cut for closed objects. When it is an open object try Trim instead. Doing so in perpendicular plan is easiest to control, as well as visualize the result in advance.

Sooty, I did not mean to remove the open wire option, I was thinking to remove the through option when using open wire. Even that might no be necessary. I hope this puts you at some ease.

Hopefully not. I use open wires to cut through objects all the time. All of this stuff should just work


Mitch, I will mark as a bug. Thanks

Sorry, I’m not following…what bug? Open wire cuts through closed object every time if the wire extends past the object extents as illustrated above. Shown are two open wire cuts performed in succession. Bug??

Huh, I should use this command, I think it was one of the first I ever tried. Seems easier than making 3-4 corner points, then cutting plane.

Indeed it is easier if your view is a plan view of the cut, which of course may help you design the cut as well. Otherwise, if not plan view then a plane surface could yield the desired result. I use both depending…but perhaps 90%+ of the time just an open wire cut. One of the most useful tools in my workflow.

Time flies. I’m back again with the same issue. I’m hoping you can advise me of the problem here.

I’m trying to wirecut a solid so as to have two solids afterwards. The operation fails.


It probably fails because one part of the curve lies along a seam and the “approaches” to the part of the curve along the seam are are tangent arcs…

When stuff like this happens, it’s good to have the knowledge to attempt the operation in another way. In this case extruding the wirecut curve to a surface and using BooleanSplit works, as well as the much more basic manually finding the intersection, splitting the parts with the intersection curve and joining all the parts.


Okay, thanks Mitch,
At least I’m not making any procedural mistakes. I used a hot wire for years cutting foam for large theatrical shapes/sculpturs and this method seems the most comfortable. I didn’t think the boolean split would leave me with two solids. When I cycled through the ‘boolen objects’ iteration none seem to provide this.