Wire Cut Unexpected Results

Hello Forum, using WireCut quite a lot at the moment, I’m not sure if this is buggy or limitations of the command. I’m putting in spacings between objects, so using to curves to cut in the Z direction, I can get what I want just choosing one set of curves at a time, but if I want to do multiple wirecuts all in one go it just doesn’t give what I’d expect. Screenshot and sample attached, any feedback welcomed, tia
WireCut Issues.3dm (2.2 MB)

Hi @milezee,

Here’s a simpler illustration. I have a block which I want to cut in multiple places:

If I try cutting with a series of independent curves, as on the right, then Rhino seems to create random polys, regardless of the ordering of the curves, like this:

However, if I cut with a series of closed curves, as on the left, then Rhino seems to get the ordering:

Does that help?

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Hi Jeremy, thanks for chipping in, yes if you have open curves it leaves unwanted objects or does some funky kind of deleting :upside_down_face:. The closed polycurves seem to work :+1:. I’m sure they should just ‘work’ as single lines though :man_shrugging:

Using the curves on the right, if you select just the leftmost of each pair as your cutters and then set the depth of cut manually (instead of using Enter to cut through) and the width of cut to coincide with the rightmost lines, so you are cutting kerfs out of the block, then Rhino works as you would wish:

But generally I’d prefer to extrude the closed curves down and use boolean difference rather than wirecut where I want kerfs. Wirecut seems very temperamental when you want precise positioning.


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yep, its a handy tool, but can be fussy thing too :upside_down_face:

… the command is called wirecut not wireScut
maybe it s not optimized for multiple wires ?

als long as you cut through the entire object with a single line - therefore perform a planar cutting…
_trim (in top view ?, or with custom c-Plan …)
will also be a handy workflow

Hi Tom,

Multiple wires capability was added with Rhino 7. The help topic for the command is illustrated with an animation using multiple wires.


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WireCut is a nice alternative to ‘Trim’, because is leaves a closed polysurface behind, no need for capping or any manual steps after the command has run. Anyhow, I can work around the issue, hopefully someone from the McNeel dev team might have a poke around at this :+1: