Essential Shortcuts still missing

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hi @brian i am just worried that this gets lost again since it was written up quite a few times and its still missing.

right now the keyboard shortcuts are highly incomplete. the fact aside that setting these up in v7 was so easy (maybe any news on this?) can we please have back the complete list of possible shortcuts in the mean time?

generally all combinations with + - , . are missing but also TAB ( like alt TAB, ctrl TAB, cmd TAB etc.)

ctrl alt shift combinations are missing entirely

shift combinations are almost entirely missing i dont hope that thinking shift to capiltalize text is bothering? basically when in a text box commands should not work anyway.

ctrl f1 to f12 are missing

ctrl alt f1 to f12 are missing

ctrl shift f1 to f12 are missing

alt f1, to f12 are missing

alt shift combinations are missing entirely

cmd ctrl f1, to f12 are missing

cmd alt shift combinations are missing entirely

cmd alt ctrl shift combinations are missing entirely

fn and combinations with it are missing entirely.

Did you download the latest 8.4SRC?

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oh? i thought i had set to candidate, thanks for pointing that out, will check later! butā€¦ i am pretty sure there are still some missingā€¦ will see.

Probablyā€¦ as they say, half a loaf is better than no bread at allā€¦ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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updated see on top cheee still half is missingā€¦ arggh :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It looks like those all have to be typed up again for Rhino 8, therefore I will make separate YT for each, hopefully making that into more digestible chunks.

RH-79603 Ctrl + Function keys shortcuts are missing

RH-79604 Ctrl + Alt + Function keys shortcuts are missing

RH-79605 Ctrl + Shift + Function keys are missing

RH-79606 Alt + Function keys shortcuts are missing

RH-79607 Alt + Shift shortcuts are missing

RH-79608 Cmd + Ctrl + Function Keys shortcuts are missing

Before adding these, I want to know: Are you really wanting to use 4 and 5 finger shortcuts?

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thanks for the dedication @Gijs, the 3 first points from my list above are still missing, these would be important because they complete all the fast simple shortcuts then.

well, me personally not so much at least not 5 (though at some point i used it for some task) but generally i also try to stick to fast grabbing short cuts, but just for the sake of being complete maybe it makes sense for somebody else.

4 finger shortcuts i use quite often actually.

here i just can repeat once more how awful the process is compared to v7ā€¦ pleeeeease bring that back as it was :sob:

RH-79637 Special characters as shortcut keys are missing

Shift: RH-79643 Most Shift Keyboard shortcuts are missing
According to Steve there are issues getting the Shift+letter/number combinations to work.

If this was the only thing that needed to be fixed, I agree we could just add things back to make it but then still ā€˜for the sake of completenessā€™ is not a very good reason. That being said I added it as a low priority item here:
RH-79635 Consider bringing back 4 and 5 key shortcuts

Control + F1 to F12 does not look like it was available in Rhino 7 either. I think these are reserved by the operating system.

I checked all of the shortcut keys+function keys and marked those that were not possible in Rhino 7 ā€˜wonā€™t fixā€™

@encephalon, it looks like you were missing things you had never used before :wink:

@Gijs i am unfortunately not so amused, it was a lot of work to write all the missing shortcuts down while i had little time already. i am very grateful that you took the time to type it into the trackerā€¦ but no i will not apologize for not cross referencing that additionally, also these worked so not sure what this is about.

my Rhino 7 must be on magic mushrooms then. works here :man_shrugging:

if you decide these are not going to be implemented then why? whats going onā€¦ why is that complicated?

also forgot to add, i have a keyboard that goes to f19 even. not sure what the standard is actually.

hi @encephalon in that case I appologize to you
Thatā€™s really weird, I cannot seem to add the ones I marked ā€˜wonā€™t fixā€™
This needs more investigation then

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After changing some system settings, I can add Ctrl F2, F5, F7, F9, F10, F11, F12, but not F1, F3, F4, F6, F8

@encephalon I changed above post again, and YT items are reopened.

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maybe you have them configured elsewhere in the system shortcuts

but being in Rhino i assume the developers should have the power to override any of these as long as Rhino is in focus.

talking about function, i have one more

the fn buttons and combinations with it are missing entirely. i know that is a pane and thanks again for logging itā€¦

again that would not be such a pain if we would just be allowed to configure shortcuts freely as in v7. running after each possible solution now seems like a never ending story

additionally to that this becomes very difficult to configure later having to roll down the endless list, maybe as a soothing bonbon adding some search bar into the shortcuts like we had before, could you log that? @stevebaer would that be a possible short term solution which could be implemented rather sooner than v9?

I totally agree with you that the way it works now needs a better way. I had logged this item for that:

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thank you @Gijs !

just that the info is complete, this was wished/frowned upon for since whenever it was changed in the wip 8 by several other users which did not get any attention me included in other topics left unresponded and @Akash being one of them either if i remember well.

at least adding a search bar to the commands in v8 already would make that feel less surreal. i can only emphasize how it is a whack into the face now having to walk suddently through a long list when before you cosily entered the command in question and input a shortcut, a bit like being ported back to stone age but calling it updateā€¦ and wondering why people get franticā€¦ not talking about you of course but hope you get the pictureā€¦

@Gijs i saw that some of the shortcuts are coming in 8.5, when will it be released? also i found one essential missing, the f11 button

According to RH-52226, F11 is a Mission Control system default shortcut that should not be overridden.

Rhino 8.4 is planned to be released on February 13th, at which point the first 8.5 candidate will become available.