Custom toolbar tabs can't remain above OSnap panel

I’m happy with the ability to customize Rhino’s toolbars and I consider it one of the biggest strengths of the program. However, I’m experiencing something that prevents me to use the full capabilities of the customization. When I set several custom toolbar tabs at the bottom of the screen above the OSnap panel, they seem to work fine during the current session (I also save the toolbar position from Tools > Toolbar layout). Well, the next time I start Rhino 7 the toolbars change their position and the OSnap panel appears above my custom toolbar tabs instead. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I would like the OSnap panel to be always positioned below the toolbar tabs.

This is how I want it to be:

This is how it changes the position of the toolbars after Rhino is closed and then opened again:



Hi Bobi - I’ll test this… but, for what it is worth, I find that putting the osnaps next to the command line saves me a lot of useful pixels on the screen vertically and does only occupies much less useful ones.

Well, so far this sticks, here - are your docked-at-the-bottom toolbars from the same RUI file as the rest?


Hi Pascal, yes, my docked toolbar tabs are from the same rui file. But the OSnap panel always goes at the top upon starting Rhino.

I also tried how it would feel to use the OSnap panel positioned next to the Command line, but its brighter background and white tick boxes grab too much of my attention compared to the darker background of the Command line, so I will stick with using the OSnap panel at the bottom.

After all, maybe I will simply detach the OSnap panel and make it floating, so after changing something on it I will close it from the “x” to save screen space.