Reconfiguring Rhino for different size screens

I have a laptop I am working on Rhino with, when I am home, I have it connected to a 4K screen on a docking station. When I am travelling, I use the laptop screen which is 1920x1080. So I’m trying to figure out the best and quickest way to switch between these 2 formats. I arrange my tool bars and floating windows in different ways for each screen size. It’s quite time consuming to go find all the options and fix them.

I know there isn’t really a way to save and restore window positions and tool bars, but is there a way to position everything in a script? then I could have a 4K and 1080 Setup Scripts.

Or if I knew what files contained the configurations, I could use a batch file to copy the appropriate version before I start Rhino.

Some of the settings I need to change when going between these screen sizes are:
Command Prompt font size
Command prompt floating position / or docked
Toolbar icon size
Toolbar locations floating / docked
OSnap floating position / docked.

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