Rhino 6 bug - Osnap toolbar drifts down

I keep docked Osnap toolbar below docked tabbed panels, in the lower-right corner of the Rhino window. Every time I launch Rhino, the Osnap toolbar drifts down, and eventually disappears. I had the same problem with Rhino 5. I have locked all docked panels and toolbars, but it made no difference.

The Osnap toolbar drifts down because the seam between the tabbed panels and the Osnap toolbar drifts down.
Rhino 6 bug - osnap toolbar drifts down

This bug is still present in Rhino 6.1 (2018-2-6).

The osnap toolbar completely disappeared, as shown below. (Named Views panel is above.) It reappeared when I clicked Properties tab.

Hello - so far here docking at the bottom as I think you have it stays put between sessions but there is an ongoing bug with Osnaps where it sometimes (here) and always (others on the forum) forgets that is was left open and docked in the next session and you need to re-open it.

But in any case at the moment I cannot reproduce what you describe,


@Pascal I am glad that you have noticed this thread. I suggest that you dock the Osnap control in the lower right corner of your computer and be patient. You will notice the problem in a few days.

A few years ago we had a debate about wide-screen computer displays and tall-screen computer displays. Tall-screen laptops are no longer manufactured, so any maximized Rhino viewport is almost a narrow slit, rather than a square, which is the optimal shape for most CAD work. The problem is exacerbated by the Menu, the Command history window, the Command prompt, the Toolbar group, the Osnap control, and the Status bar. It is possible to move the Command history window, the Command prompt, the Toolbar group, and the Osnap control to a side, but they do not work well there. At the very least it should be possible to dock the Command history window and the Command prompt in the top right corner of the Rhino window, above the tabbed panels. These problems were obvious in Rhino 5 and they have not been eliminated in Rhino 6.

Experiencing Osnaps toolbar disappearing between sessions here, have to re-open it every time

I experience the osnap toolbar sometimes not staying visible between sessions and I have to open it. I can not find a process to easily repeat this issue.

Yes, known bug, as yet unsolved…

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Oh, yeah, thanks for the reminder - I’ve been seeing this as well, just the past few days.



Hi guys,

Just bumping this back up. I know this is logged as a bug, but it’s pretty annoying. Everytime I start Rhino V6 my Osnap toolbar is turned off. I keep it docked in the right lower corner but it disappears more often than not beween sessions.


Hi Mark - this should be fixed in SR4 - the OSnaps off bit, I mean - not the drifting/shrinking, that is still on the heap, twice I think.


OK, thanks for the heads up Pascal

I’m getting this too, osnap menu disappearing between sessions. Looking forward to an update.

Osnap control/toolbar still drifts down in Rhino 6.7.