Custom curved ramp

What’s the best way to make a ramp that follows a custom curve (that’s not a helix) nothing I’m doing is working :frowning:

The “Ribbon” command seems to work best here. You should take care not to make the radii of the curve less than the width of the ramp, it will break up the ribbon surface. By nature, a ramp gets steeper on the inside bend, and this will cause the incline to exceed the vertical.


You can use Flow command to simply make ramp from any custom curve like this:

  1. Measure the length of your curve using Length command.
  2. Draw a straight line with the same length.
  3. Create a straight ramp with the desired slope and width.
  4. Use Flow command to re-aligns the ramp from the straight line to your custom curve.

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Even better, as it gets you a constant incline on the centerline of the ramp.

Nice! Thanks for sharing about Flow command.
But how to do it when there are landing of varying lengths, and further to have modular kerb base and railing on both sides?

Attached is my sample layout. Let’s assume that every ramp (R) is 1:12 and Landings (L) are flat.
Railing are generic, I downloaded a free one courtesy of

Many Thanks!
ramp landing .3dm (107.0 KB) ramp landing Screenshot