Trying to create a ramp from a curve

I am trying to Ramp this labyrinth path… I cant seem to create a surface from the curve. I have tried to extrude the curve, I have tried sweep1 and sweep2, and I have tried offsetting the curve to either side to try and loft or create a surface from that.

make a curve perpendicular to the path that represents the path width, then use Sweep 1 and set it to Roadlike, where the axis direction is set to the Z-direction

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@Sammie_Edery I made a loft using a whole bunch of guides. Maybe this will work for you too.

ramp from (21.3 KB)

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Hi, Ive tried that but something when it comes to the turns isn’t accurate… maybe I could trim the excess?

The width of the path has limits based on the radius of the turn. It could lead to self intersection. If you want more help it’s easier if you send the file.

I have sent a solution to this issue in pm
Basically the curve needed to be (much) cleaner in order for this to work.

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