[Inquiry] Suggestion for best workflow - Creating winding ramp with various landing

Hi Everyone!

Title says it all, I was wondering what’s the best approach in creating a ramp like in my example. Attached are the screenshot and Rhino model.

I tried modeling using Flow, but it didn’t worked for me, too many segments and it broke as it turn.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate your feedback. For the sake of simplicity, let’s just assume the ramp parts to be 1:12.


Rhino file:
Ramp sample.3dm (153.1 KB)


Flow tested:

dear @CGonz_T

(1) → your geometry is far away from origin - any reason for this ? you should model close to world 0,0,0
(2) → your curves are polylines with a few hundred segments - you should use proper degree 3 or degree 5 nurbs curves to get a nice surface.
(3) your file is version 5 … there are huge improvements to latest version 7

kind regards -tom

Hi thanks for checking it out.
1-2. No reason, just direct import from CAD, adapted it’s location. Polygon also, came from AutoCAD as is.
3. I have 7 but intentionally resaved to 5 for forum purpose.


Curves recreated in Rhino, Please see attached file. Thanks!
Ramp sample_b.3dm (30.8 KB)

Ramp sample_b_tom.3dm (2.9 MB)

Dear @CGonz_T
not sure if I understand all your requirements / needs / conditions.
the curves do not form 100% rectangular / 90 degree relationship where it is maybe expected. Also what-ever you want to do as next step - it is a bit depended whether you focus on accuracy or curve / surface continuity, or on simple CV-structure / untrimmed edges for next step. …whether you need data for production or visualisation…

a simple workflow might look like this:
(1) construct a center-Line with tweenCurves (allready here you ll see some problems with the input curves - I used option none) (cyan at z=0)
(2) meassure the _length (you might want to increase the amount of digits displayed with preferences units (not the tolerance !)
(3) extrude the curve _extrudeCrv end enter “your length”/12.0 … for extrusion length (green)
(4a) draw a shortpath from upper left to lower right (red)
(4b) do some alternative workflow with _unrollSrf, _createUVCrvs, _flow…, applyCrv…
(5) _fin (in the file, not in the screenshot, white)
(6) _extendSrf (blue, transparent)
(7) _trim in top view (violett)

not sure if those parallel lines should be horizontal - if yes apply the workflow above for each section - but check proper curve set-up (90-degree, curve ends match outer curves…)

does this help ? kind regards. -tom