Curved ramp with flat landings

How do I approach designing a curved ramp that is in-line with my country’s regulations? Let’s say the ramp’s path is a curve and this curve may only traverse one meter in height with an angle of 5 degrees, after which there needs to be a 2 flat meter landing. This should be repeated till I reach the next floor which, makes the ramp about 5 meters high.
I was hoping to wrap my surface with the ramp & landings around the inside of the ramp’s outline, with flow along surface, but that’s not working out as expected.

Hm - it looks like you can work backwards from the tangent of 5 degrees, = .087 to find how far along the vertical surface you can go, ~11.5 meters, per 1 meter gain in height. Divide the base curve accordingly. I would do this on the inside wall of the ramp and build outward as the angle will get steeper to the inside.


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You can draw curves representing centerline of the ramp. First draw two flat curves, one in front viewport or right viewport, the other in top viewport, then align them so that their ends are close, and combine these flat curves into one 3D curve with Crv2View command. (Align command can be used to align the flat curves.)

That’s a smart approach to building this. Actually, I think I’m going to give it a try using Grasshopper instead, but I’ll try the manual method first. What is the command you’ve used to create the curve on the surface (probably some Curve on Surface command)?

Come to think of it, the Intersection Curve command in Fusion 360 (see: was what I was originally looking for in Rhino, does such a command exist?

E: It’s basically like @andrew.nowicki Curve2View, which is a good suggestion, but then it isn’t view dependent.