Is there a command to make a ramp along a surface?

hi im trying to make a ramp following the shape of this irregular shape, is there a way to do it?

What are the requirements for the ramp and constraints on the design of the ramp? How is the path of the ramp determined? Shortest distance? Constant slope? Constant slope in the middle with transitions at the ends?

It will be helpful if you post a .3dm file with the geometry. You can drag the file to where you type a post, or you can use the vertical arrow icon above where you type a post.

I am trying to make a constant slope with a width of 1.5m and the slope has to flow along the surface Enquiry.3dm (9.5 MB)

how are you planning to do that since the terrain does not have a constant slope itself?

you can certainly draw a curve right on the surface, project a blend curve or pull a curve, but the thing that is throwing me is “constant slope”

making a blend curve then projecting it gives me this:

is that what you are looking for?