Making an even ramp in a curve path

hi, I am trying to make a 1:12 ramp going down evenly between 2 curving walls of different length. i can’t seem to make them slope evenly. I used createUVcurv and applycurv command. Can someone advice me how i can do this please?

You can use flow command.

Hello - the corners are the problem, correct? If the straights have steady one in twelve, then you need to decide how far off of that the corner can be - the inside will be steeper than the outside. If 1:12 is maximum, then work with the inside edge to determine at what level the next straight will start. If I am reading this correctly.


@pascal @Mahdiyar

Thanks for your reply. i’ve tried flow but it doesn’t seem to work and i cannot figure out why. I’ve attached the file, could you please try and let me know if it works for you too?ramp.3dm (563.0 KB)

The ramp in your ramp.3dm drawing has no slope. Am I missing something?
test ramp.3dm (581.6 KB)

Hello - see if the attached helps at all- the corners are from ExtractIsocurve, SimplifyCrv and ChangeDegree to 3, then Match to the lines.

ramp_maybe.3dm (581.8 KB)


Hi, One more idea
ramp_.3dm (573.2 KB)

Thank you all for your help!