Curves into Tubes

I am making curves to show all of the muscles in the shoulder. I want to turn the lines into small tubes to show muscle fibers. The rail tool can do one at a time, but how can I do all of them at the same time? There are over 1,000 lines.

Tanner Gray

Hi Tanner - if it is for visualization only, try ApplyCurvePiping. If you need the actual surfaces, then Pipe.


thank you!!!

How do I make the pipe a solid tube? Use rendered view? And how about changing its color. I can’t get it to be anything other than gray.

Hi Tanner - if you are using ApplyCurvePiping, just assign materials to the curves.Piped curves show in any shaded view, materials in rendered views.


Hi Tanner,

Just adding to what Pascal said, you can use _ExtractPipedCurve command to convert your ‘display only’ curve pipes into standalone mesh objects. May be easier to deal with, depending on what exactly you are doing.