Curve piping output

Hello all,
I just found the ApplyCurvePiping command to turn wireframes into pipe networks. I like the look of this, but is there a way to get this new 3D geometry into a solid or mesh to further manipulate? I realize curve piping is a render effect, but once I adjust the properties to my liking, I’d like a working model out of it.

Try ExtractPipedCurve


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Ahah! I wish they would put useful related commands on the documentation page:

Thank you!

Just making sure @margaret sees this.

Hi, All,

Thanks, Wim,

In a couple of hours, take a look at the Rhino 6 Help:

I keep adding more and more cross-references. Tell me when you see one that will help you. It’s not going to happen in Rhino 5, though. Just going forward.


OK, ExtractPipedCurve is there now, but not ApplyCurvePiping:slight_smile:

You mean, not updating Help for R5?

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ApplyCurvePiping is not a command in RH6 so I don’t see why it would be referenced. Legacy?
It’s surprising in that sense, though, that the search brings up the result that you link to.

Infers that I didn’t know that. :slight_smile:

Sorry, No. There won’t be any future updates of the Rhino 5 Help. Development has pretty much stopped on Rhino 5. We don’t usually continue updating the Help when development stops on a version.

And yes, the ApplyCurvePiping, ApplyDisplacement, ApplyEdgeSoftening, and ApplyShutlining in Rhino 6 are object properties. You can still type the commands, but they don’t auto-complete.