Pipe vs Applycurvepiping

Good morning friends,

Can someone explain to me what the difference is between Rhino’s Pipe command and Applycurvepiping? What are the pros and cons and why was the latter developed?

Thank you.

Pipe makes surfaces while ApplyCurvePiping makes a custom render mesh. The latter is ideal for pipes that don’t need to be manufactured. In the latest SR of Rhino 5, you can also use curve piping render meshes with linetype styles for things like stitching!

Thank you, Brian. I appreciate that.

I had a few questions on this topic this morning and made this quick tip video which might be useful.


Thank you Brian. This is awesome.

Thank you! Video was super helpful. I followed the steps in the video and now I’m trying to render using Lagoa. Once I import the obj, I can’t apply materials. It just doesn’t have enough surface area and is just a random few stitches here and there, not the whole smooth curve. Can you give me some tips on what to do to export it for rendering?