Pipe a 3d curve ? but how

i have a little probleme, i cant pipe 3d curves
a 2d is no probleme but i need this curves to pipe
i hope you guys can help me.
i upload the file with the curves i cant pipe …

3d curves to pipe.3dm(628.4 KB)t

Hi Micha,

I can pipe it here, yet probably not the diameter you were trying?

What radius did you try? (2 works here)
Another thing: If you need this just for rendering/visualization purposes, you might want to consider and use the applycurvepiping command instead:


hi thanks, i upload the wrong file the curves are 2d
here are the type of cruves i like to pipe,
the idea wir applycurvepiping ist great but i render with v-ray.
here is the new file with an 3d curve i like to pipe

curve to pipe.3dm(325.7 KB)

You can still use ApplyCurvePiping and then extract the render mesh for rendering in vray.

(not on a computer now so I can’t try your new curves…)

Hi Micha,

That curve I can Pipe as well:

Wim’s suggestion of extracting the piped curve is a good workaround.
use the command ExtractPipedCurve to create a mesh object from the piped curve after applying ApplyCurvePiping.


thanks it helps a lot