Rendering Curves

Lets say I have a piece of wood modeled and I have an etch pattern on the surface. The etch pattern is just a bunch of dimensionless curves. Is there anyway to make these curves render-able? I kind of want to avoid piping them since that increases the model size a lot. Is there such a thing as mesh pipe? Something very low geometry? I use Thea Render, and I don’t think there is a way to render curves. Obviously I could export the curves and add it in photoshop, but I want to avoid that.

Have a look at the ApplyShutlining command.
Details are in the Help file.
Just start the command and press F1

Or ApplyCurvePiping - depending on which way you want to go.

This seems like a really useful tool to simulate CNC etched models. Is there a way to turn the grooves into real geometry?

You can extract the render mesh - but that will of course only be a mesh…

extractrendermesh doesn’t seem to work on curves with applycurvepiping…

And the pipes don’t seem to render. The shut lining does render.

Not on the curves, no, but on the object that they are applied to. Works here…

If you do need to get the mesh from a curve with appyCurvePiping, try ExtractPipedCurve.


Sorry about that - I was still going on about the shutlining…

I am finding that mesh pipes make my model a lot faster than regular pipes. Is there a way to directly mesh-pipe a curve instead of using nurbs? Currently I am having to applycurvepiping and then extractpipedcurve.