Curves to pipes


I have a set of plans I want to use that were drawn by a third party. The plans describe a structure made of metal tubing. The plans are hand drawn but the designer used lines that show the shape being constructed as a wireframe. That part was easy to enter into Rhino. Now I would like to replace the curves that represent the lines from the plans with 3D tubes in Rhino. Is there a function for this or some sort of scripting example on how to do this?


The command Pipe might be a good start…



Errr, I knew that! :wink:

Thanks, Mitch! Pretty darn cool. I knew there had to be some way to do this since this is a popular way to depict steel tube structures in old hand drawn designs.

Thanks again! Happy New Year!



you can also try ApplyCurvePiping in Rhino5.
In v4 it comes as separate plugin. Its fast and quickly handles many curves at once.


If you do this kind of job often could be useful to have a look on to RhinoBim. It’s in free bets and allow you to do many powerful things.


Just beware: ApplyCurvePiping creates meshes (more for display) whereas Pipe creates NURBS (Brep) objects. Rhino 5’s Pipe does allow multiple curves to be piped at once (with Rhino 4 you need a script)…



I will stick with the Pipe command for the moment. It is exactly what I need for this task. Thanks everyone for their input.