Curve topography into pond

Does anyone know how I would curve the topography (grey) smoothly to the pond (blue) so that it looks natural and organic? Can only think of chamfer / fillet right now and they look really rigid. Trying to model a pond in the middle of my site. Thanks in advance.

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in addition to Chamfer and Fillet, there is another tool called “Blend Surface”, use the command _BlendSrf

1- create the top (ground) and Bottom (water) Surfaces

2- scale down the water surface to give room for the Blend to work smoothly

3- Run _BlendSrf and use ChainEdges to select the entire edges of the first surface, and then chain edges for the second surface.

4- Adjust the sliders until you are satisfied with the topology.

5- use Emap to make sure your surfaces looks okay

Hey Tay.0,
Thanks for the reply and solution, really appreciate it! _Blendsrf command worked quite well for what I am trying to achieve. :slight_smile:

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