Topography topology and artificial plane transitions/adjustments

I have a topology generated from topography lines. And I altered/plagiarized certain levels of this topography.

Would it be possible to set a smooth transition between organic and planar sections?

Sample File
Q_Topography.3dm (1.1 MB)

Hello - it is hard to see what you intend for the transitions - do you have an example, even a rough approximation, of what you’d like to make?


Hello, what I seek is similar to this:

But I do not understand the solution concept here. I have some planar areas in my model, I want to align them to topography with clean connections. I do not know if it describes.

Hello - see if this is the right thing - I chopped off a piece of the non-planar surface in Top with the red line - can be any shape of course, more or less - and then added a BlendSrf to fill in the gap - is that it?

Topography to Planar_Maybe.3dm (1.4 MB)


No. I do not want to transit two surfaces with another third surface. I want to snap contours of topography to different lines while keeping the inner surface as much as possible.

Hello- in that case, flattening the points with SetPt in Z as described in the other thread is the way out. ShrinkTrimmedSrf first:


Thank you for your answer. However, it is not solving my problem. My topography is split already, I need to rise or lowers its contours by snapping to other elements.

I need to do something like this with snap precision >

  1. There should be no level difference between two surfaces
  2. Geometry of the surface should be preserved as much as possible.

Hello - is the attached something like what you need?

Topography to Planar.3dm (1.1 MB)

You can also try selecting the edges and vertices and use Move with snaps to get them where you want. Tough to make that work cleanly here I think.


Yes, this is the result I am looking for.

I believe moving the points individually is not an applicable solution. For reasons below, please see my file.

1- There are too many points
2- Each point is only affecting itself individual deformation, not affecting the whole mesh/surface proportionally.
3- Edit points retrieved from the shape before split, they have so far no relation to represent corresponding geometry

Hello -in the file I posted I did two things:

  1. ShrinkTrimmedSrf on the terrain patch
  2. Selected control points for this surface that overlap the plane or are near the edge and used SetPt planaraize them to the level of the planar surface.


I am sorry, but it is not what I am looking for, I put it for reference, my problem is little more complex