Make a swamp

Hello everyone !

I have to make a topography but I don’t know how to make a realistic swamp ! I have to keep this swamps shapes but the ground should not be verticle like this, it’s not realistic.

Do you know if there is any way to flatten those curves while following the topography ?

Thank you !

You ca try with something like this to save time from offseting & moving curves
The Loft is another story (13.1 KB)

Thank you Javier, but i don’t really know what I am supposed to do ? Do I have to set the topography to geo and then connect it to offset corners ? It doesn’t work.

Maybe it is easier if i put my file here

ballastieres.3dm (3.5 MB)

There are two options you could do.

  1. For a realistic surface, take the footprint of those openings, offset them 2 or 3 feet inwards, lower footprint curves about 1-3 feet down and then loft the offset line and footprint to create a shallow edge like a swamp.
  2. Try using the Fillet Edge command on the edges of the cutout areas.

Yep, it works quite well, thank you !

Perhaps you have take a piece of paper and shade draw the areas you want deep, or shade them in a bitmap program like PhotoShop, or Mypaint, or Gimp, and then export it as a .Png

…and then use the Heightfield command, setting the perimeter, height and resolution to create a nurb patch that describes the bottom.

Then you can insert a solid into it to create the water, embellish it with some trees, rocks, plants, and logs Walla!

Alternatively, you could do it manually by creating create a plane, rebuild it adding some nodes, and just move them around manually. Rhino has soft-select tools that might help.

Alternatively, you could download someone else’s swamp heightmap.

Often, if you try to cut the water volume with the land surface, the resultant fit will be a problem for most raytracers. It’s often better to just insert a block of water just below the top surface–and let the raytracer clip these objects wherever it sees fit. You can extrude and bend shapes to make a waterfall, and add alpha-blended textures to make splashes.

A plugin to distribute grass and cattail plants might help.

Oddly, in some computer games, the use height-fields made from real areas to simulate simulated fake ones : P

This is made with the above heightmap, a stock texture, and a block of water. I didn’t bother to do anything with the edges, and it needs all the things above and at least one frog, but…