Request - Visual/interactive feedback for fillet curve/curves


It would be great to have visual feedback for fillet curve/curves. Also, interactive feedback that works similar to ‘arc/circle tangent to two curves’ which allows you to control the radius with the mouse would be great.

Either way it would be a major productivity boost when using these tools. Yah for visual feedback!


also for fillet polygon

(Brian James) #3

Thanks for the feedback, this is filed as a feature request already (RH-2777) and I’ve nudged the report with a link to this thread. In the meantime, try BlendCrv, it has lots of options and a preview which might be just what you’re looking for. You can drag the start positions as well as continuity handles.


Thanks Brian.

Love me some curve blend, but sometimes I need a proper circle/arc joint. In the absence of visual feedback for curve fillet this becomes a trial and error exercise with no real way to dial in the result.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

(Pascal Golay) #5

ArcBlend may help in some cases. It is ‘history aware’ too, so that is handy.



Hi Pascal,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Oh yes, there are many ways to achieve a proper arc blend in the absence of a more usable fillet curve tool.

I like arc tangent to two curves and trimming, but just suggesting that visual/interactive feedback for curve fillet would make it significantly more usable and valuable, and would eliminate the need for the multi-tool workarounds that we are all familiar with.


Why not to have the arc option for Curve blend?
I’m used to use CrvBlend and often I change the point position to achieve an arc shape.