Curve basics- Understand which command is best


I’m trying to make tambour doors in rhino. The panel side needs to have a slot groove that is .375 in size. I know this is a super basic question but I am not sure how to do this correctly. I have created a C-shape panel ( it’s a closed poly surface). I used dupborder command to copy the c-shape outline (it gave me a closed line. I now want to create a groove that is 1" from the edge and .375 in size. The slats will be .250 in size and will run along the groove. I’m not sure how to do this correctly.

I was thinking to extrude the curve to .375 the boolean difference but then maybe loft or sweep could do this?

In the file uploaded, I have a closed curve could someone guide me to how I would do this correctly? I know it’s basic surface question but I have trouble with lofting and sweeping and because I need to be those exact measurements I am wondering what’s the best way to achieve this.
tambourside.3dm (112.5 KB)

Thanks in advance

Hi Athanasia- is this about what you mean?


Yes, super simple. Sorry. What would be the best way to do this?

I know this is a really basic question but I’m self-learning and what might seem simple to you is not for me. I can build this in real life with a router but have trouble doing this efficiently in 3d modelling. Not natural. Any help would help move my project along.

Thanks @pascal

Hi Anasthasia -
tambourside_PG.3dm (377.6 KB)
See if the attached file helps - there are several ways you can make this cutter, this is just one.

Please see also