Curtain Wall from Rhino wont bake to Revit

Hi Cameron, Check out our getting started guide on getting Rhino Objects into Revit Elements and vice versa.

Hey Japhy, I watch the tutorials. Other items are baking, but for some reason the façade isn’t.

Are you baking the graphical element or the Geometry? Try the graphical Element, it will bake the wall as blocks on the appropriate layer.

Baking Curtain Wall Element Geometry can be done several ways.

Your post Title says Rhino to Revit, so not sure which way you are going, the image you posted suggests Revit to Rhino.

Thank you Japhy, I am going to try that. I have script I attempted which is similar, but I am going to try your exact. Also would you suggest using the Rhino Inside Revit beta version, because that is the one that I am using currently, but I see a lot of people online are using the older version, do you think this would be bring any of this type of issues?

Depends on the environment you are working in. The RC is weekly and has the latest features and any critical updates. If you are in an office where you need IT to come install each time the Stable Release is once a month.