Help: Revit to rhino. Bake with materials

Quick question:
Is there a way to bake out geometry from Revit with materials applied to either layer or object?

I’ve been looking for a while now. Love the whole setup, but I cant seem to crack this nut.
Maybe I need more coffee.

Baking geometry in itself is a blast, but getting materials applied to the given layer/geometry is a different issue…

Keep up the great work, this is making my days working with Revit so much better :smiley:

Does something like this help?

Seems like I was a bit quick on the trigger!
Indeed, this seem to work… but not fully, as I was hoping.
It doesnt seem to group down families into different layers as I need.

Like this:


It maps Catregories-SubCategoriesa to Layers-SubLayers and Types to Blocks.
What kind of Layer structure did you expect?

I expect nothing, but i was hoping for something like this:
(considering the setup/image from above)

If that had been the output, I would be in heaven!

Still, I’ve got the outmost respect for you good work :slight_smile:

(what i got was this)

Not to be a bother, but in the long run:
Would it be possible to get something like what I mentioned below?

I guess my setup worked because i had a type filter divide into layers, but i see that going with your solution would be the better if it still could branch types into a lower layer instead of block…

Speaking of which; I’ve been noticing that when i explode a block, and my model is located far from 0,0,0 the geometry seems to distort slightly.

Layer organization is an ancient and picky topic that I would like to avoid. :smiley:

The current implementation tries to be a one to one mapping with Revit structure, but I can see yours is totally legitim as well.
The thing is that organizing elements by Levels may be pretty nice too for others, and why no by discipline or materials , depending on how you want to consume the geometry after.

To me it’s clear that we need more ‘Bake’ components that allow different Layer structure flavors.

About the distortion on explode, do you mind sharing a 3DM file that we can use to test? Just one inserted block that distorts on explode is enough.

I can imagine.
Geometry divided in levels would be the logical next question :sweat_smile:, indeed, but having the geometry sorted in different types would be the more imminent need, for me. I could always sort by level, manually, if needed.

I’ve left work for the day, but if you tell me how you would like it sent, I’ll make sure to do that tomorrow.