Baking an element from revit to rhino

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good day, how can I bake my revit element into rhino? and if I will modify my revit element will it update the rhino model automatically? at the moment what it shows in rhino is just a preview?
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@sketzjewel Hi! Take a look at this guide please to see how geometry can be extracted Revit from Revit. You can right-click on the component and bake the geometry into Rhino. Once it is baked, it becomes static and will not change. But the geometry preview (in red) is automatically updated as Revit changes the element

Hi Ehsan,

Good day, l hope you have a good long break, thank you for this reference,
it is definitely cool! RIR is really a Breakthough in AEC industry and your team
have done such a incredible job!

I been playing RIR for last previous months and still keep on practicing ( love it!) anyway, one thing l noticed is that every time l open the RIR, the two models - revit and rhino lost there connection to one another and once you run the grasshopper script, it will create a new revit model and it interface to the existing revit model.
I believe this was already asked to Scott’s last year presentation regarding the bonding of the two models (Rhino and Revit) and he answered that time that they are currently working on it.
It you don’t mine, l just like to know if this is still the case at the moment?
Happy to hear from you soon and one more thing, l pretty enjoy your Pyrevit, it is Awesome Revit tool as well!

Thank you very much and more power to your team!


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Yeah we’re actually in the final stages of getting the element binding to work. This feature will allow Grashopper to remember the elements that it creates so it doesn’t duplicate stuff. Hopefully we can publish this soon.