Rhino Inside Revit

Hello Experts,

I have a huge building skin in Revit. There were a lot of subcategories inside model categories in Revit. Like the below image, there is one curtain panel with mullions, transoms, vision glasses, spandrels & shading devices. I want all in different layers in rhino. I made grasshopper script for that but m confused in subcategory elements. What can I do for that?

RVT to Rhino.gh (15.7 KB)

Rhino Bake by SubCategory.gh (26.8 KB)

I took a script made by @eirannejad and slightly modified it for this purpose (I didn’t bother to erase the rest of the definition, but the part that you might be interested in is the one on the top right corner plus the GHPython component. You’d need Elefront as well to make it work properly, although you could also code your own custom baker component.

Does this suit your needs?

Can you explain this script in brief? Because m beginner in grasshopper.

Sure thing, although I just realized some of the extracted geometries don’t show up at their expected location (at least in my computer). Don’t know what may be causing that atm. @eirannejad sorry for bothering, but any idea?

Rhino Bake by SubCategory.gh (13.0 KB)

Reuploaded it after erasing the components you don’t need for this, also took care of the scaling issue in case you use meters as model units.

You can either manually select the instances of the Curtain Wall Panels you want to bake into Rhino (not the Curtain Walls by themselves), or you can select all elements from a specific category (in this case you’d choose the Curtain Panels category).

In order to visualize only the panels in Revit so that you can window select all of them to feed the GH script, you can select one of them and either isolate by category (Sunlasses icon at the bottom), or right-click + select all instances > in project + isolate element (in case you also have different curtain panel families you don’t want to apply the script on).