Revit to rhino material lost

is there a way to export Revit to rhino to maintain the geometry layer and the material mapping?

When right clicking and baking Revit Elements with Mapping I am not seeing any issues with Material Mapping. Do you have a specific example? What are you referring to when you say “maintain geometry layer”

after I bake, the material lost, only have the color no line

Try in a Rendered Viewport

intersting, why the materail show in rendered viewport not in enscape?

so the graphical element don’t work with revit groups?

Please provide more context.

Groups are supported.

thanks, the group member works. another question, after bake, the individual element all become a block, is there way to not block it?

With the materials automatically? No.

You can use Element Geometry or Element View Geometry to get the solid geometry (materials can be derived from sub-categories)

or Element Preview which provides a Mesh with Aligned Materials you could bake.

for some reason, the door and stacked wall can’t be baked.

Try getting the element Dependents in this case (stacked wall is a host, similar to a curtain wall)

Post a small example if you continue to have issues.

thanks, the element dependents works for the stacked wall, but does not working with this stair made out of the floor. when I bake, it only give me the lines, in stead of massing.

Can you provide additional information? Screenshot of your Grasshopper (with panels showing what type of elements and components you are working with), ideally a small revit file (put the version in the file name) Thanks

Revit 2022_Floor_Export to rhino.rvt (692 KB)
thank you

When baked from the graphical element component they come in as expected to Rhino (blocked and as closed polysurfaces)