Ctrl + shift + drag + SNAP?

hi guys,

Quite new to rhino Modeling for architecture purpose. I’ve been using sketchup alot and Its frustrating that I can’t model as fast as in sketchup.

Main thing is : how can I push/pull and SNAP to another geometry when I select a sub-object with ctrl+shift+click (an edge in this case) ??

Thanks :wink:

Make sure something like End Osnap is on and available. Subselect the edge, then bring the mouse cursor near the end of the edge and press and hold down the left mouse button. You should see a little “End” indicator light up which means you have grabbed the end of the edge. Now drag it somewhere else that you can snap to, see that snap light up and release the left mouse button.

This works for both objects and sub-objects.

HTH, --Mitch

It didn’t work :confused:

I have all my osnap on. It only snap when I use the move command. Dragging the sub-object selected with the gumball doesn’t allow me to snap to another object…

Is it because I’m on rhino5 ? Or because I have an option unchecked ?


This works with or without the Gumball, in V5 or V6.

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Hi Charles - snapping using the gumball works if the gumball is set to Snappy dragging (in the Gumball context menu, bottom of the Rhino window.) But dragging selected sub-objects with the cursor within snap distance of say an end point should pick up that end - you can try shortening the ‘reaction time’ with


(in milliseconds) Default is 250.


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ahhhh !

I got ‘‘smooth dragging’’ instead of ‘‘snappy dragging’’ selected !!

Thank you guys :wink: