Except crv2view possible for crv3view?

I am blur with always manual with crv2view+sideview(manually) , sometimes is done, always fail because setting crv2view (top+front) curve created hard to find smooth blend between crv2view and side curve for ring (trial error, i dont have exactly sistematically managed way, so I need to know the step by step needed way to be paid attention)

any tips or trick for my trial error way need to know ? :frowning:

or any command there with crv3view ? :stuck_out_tongue:

may be I have learn manually way is good for newbie like me -.- I think :slight_smile:

big thanks :slight_smile:

how to make profile curve (from top) to wide side of ring, parallel to x coordinate or have to cross through x coordinate

Hi Cliffonde - I am having as hard time picturing quite what you are asking for in both of your posts - can you post examples?


hmmm sorry… my average english -.-
directly i said ,
exactly want to make a ring with a crv2view(top view curve and front ring inner and outside curve) then i want to be supported with side view curve of ring, when i blendcrv between half curve via crv2view and other curve in side view, its hard to be blend smoothly , be blended at half round ring shank

crv2view only make top half of ring , but half below not what I need, so I make need to be blendcrv with other half below curveand top half of ring but failed with my trial error many times because no smooth, is there a trick with crv2view and side view curve be blend smooth