Crv2view needed tips to know

i want make a rails of ring (outer and inner rail) with crv2view which sideview ring shape i want through the point there for ring width is 6mm, but i cant make the crv2view’s (down+front) and (side+front) curve be blended smoothly, is there any tips and tricks I can do before doing crv2view? for surely have 2 shape curve be blended smoothly?

is there has command to 3 view? hehe thanks for your help :stuck_out_tongue:

updated with this profiles and rails made, how about with the 4 sweep ?
sorry i just want to use the history function so i can resize the ring easily no need to remake from beginning, so i use the commands with history

please help me :slight_smile:
why i cant sweep the profiles ? is it to many profiles ? because there is detail needed in top rail variation

Rhino has two sweep commands. Sweep1 uses one rail curve and one or more section curves. Sweep2 uses two rail curves and one or more section curves. What command are you trying to use?

You can upload your file directly to the forum using the “up arrow” icon in the row of icons above where you type your post.