Cropping picture frames

I’m unsure whether this is weird behavior on rhino or weird workflow on my side, but textures seem to ‘mess up’ very easily.
Currently working in rhino 7 wip, but i can reproduce this in rhino 6.
For mapping textures to a curved wall i did this:

  • import as picture frame, scale to size
  • trimm
  • shrink trimmed surfaces to avoid the error now, that will happen later
  • flow the surfaces along target curve

So far this works, but any change that seems to update the texture cache (guessing) shrinks the textures to fit the trimmed object. E.g. turning off self illumination triggers this.

Is there a way to keep the texture ‘fixed’ in place, or does this require more bitmap editing with individual textures to fit each segment?

Hello - shrinking will force that to happen - try flowing the untrimmed surface and the trimming curve toghether , then trim - I need to check but I think flowing will shrink the resulting object.


Thank you for your quick reply, that seems to do the trick. At least I can’t reproduce the shrinking by switching self illumination when trimming after flow