Original texture placement required!

Hi everybody,
I’m here to report again an old bug that is still slowing my work…
(somehow similiar to Bug? unpack textures & channel 0 : Rhino4 vs. Rhino5 , and other similiar discussions i opened in past)

In this first image its possible to see how in a fresh installation of Rhino5 textures works (good):
a simple square 100x100 surface with a simple 100x100 .png texture applied;
trimming the surface does not change the dimensions of the texture, evrithing works great!

In this second image is possible to see how it works now: (bad/bugged, in lastest SR6 since about SR3)
the texture is shrinked like it was used the command shrinksurface to the surface… but it was not!

there isn’t yet a solution for this?
as how i work, i often trace perimeters of textures during the rendered view, and after i use the perimeter for other 3d construction… without this function working it’s almost impossible for me to do a range of works!..

thanks in advance for all the support!

I need the old workflow too.

We know. This is a very, very hot topic. @dalelear is looking into it.

I was first :smile: )