Trimmed surfaces texture distorsion bug

Referring to this post
and again this image:

with SR5 lastest release , still all my textures got distorted from original normal mapping;
textures get shrinked to the trimmed surface instead the whole untrimmed surface as it was normal…

any news? its almost impossible to me to do rendering while this bug persist…

thanks in advance

Hi maje90,
Sorry this is still a problem. I’ve nudged the bug report and will hopefully have a target release for a fix soon.

thanks! …
still i can’t understand how i’m the only one stumbling on this bug…

thanks again…

SR update today… bug unsolved :frowning:

The release target for a fix is set at SR6 and the bug is filed as RH-19195 for future reference (although this is not publicly visible at this time). Thanks for your patience.

I know this is a really old topic, but I’m seeing this again in the latest V5. I trim a surface, and the “color texture” I’ve assigned to the surface shrinks like I shrank the surface, causing me major problems with some renderings I’m trying to do by trimming the edges of a satellite photo of a site…

Heath, can you send me the surface, trim curves and bitmap? - so far, I do not see anything like this here.

thanks, -Pascal

Ok. This is bizarre, it’s not happening in the exact same file today. WEIRD. I’ll let you know if it pops back up. It was driving me CRAZY yesterday…

Heath, did you restart Rhino or reboot in between?


I restarted rhino. I saw it again today. Seems to happen while using Neon, but I cannot nail down a pattern.

@pascal : I seem to be seeing the issue when I trim a surface with a texture only WHILE NEON IS ACTIVE. Doesn’t matter which viewport I’m working in, the key is that one viewport has neon going. If there is not an active neon viewport, it works as expected. Very odd.

Hi Heath- thanks- at least we know where to point fingers… don’t worry @andy, I’ll test before I buggify…


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Hi Heath- I see it here as well.