Pictureframe CROP wish + BUG when printing


It would be great to be able to crop an image directly in Rhino.
Practical for layout purposes.


This is possible.

Create a pictureframe or attach an image too an srf.
Create a rectangle withing the frame.
Trim srf.

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Ok. Thanks.

You can also trim a pictureframe with any shape you want, not just a rectangle.

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By the way, there seems to be a BUG when printing a cropped picture frame.
The images that are cropped will not print.
Also there seems to be inconsistencies with images that are not auto-named.

Has anyone using this method of cropping ever have issues with surface mapping as a result. The cropped image looks great right away, and will usually last me a few hours. Sometime later, maybe after reopening the file or maybe just after using it for a while mapping goes crazy. Sometimes the mapping is stretched, sometimes tiled, and sometimes rotated.

I have had this happen with dozens of files over the last few months, and there appears to be no rhyme or reason to the issue. It happens with files native to my desktop that only I have worked on and it happens when I open files of others who used the same cropping method.

I can sometimes revive it by setting the rhino mapping to surface, but this doesn’t always work. Then, factor in using Flamingo nXt. Sometimes there are discrepancies between what the mapping looks like in rhino and what it looks like rendered. Sometimes the difference between the two is rotation, sometimes scaling, sometimes both.

This might not be a big issue for a few items, but we use the picture frames for product placement in retail design. We can sometimes have hundreds of duplicates of these picture frames in one file.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Michael- what is that method, exactly? Can you post an example where the mapping has gone awry?




Thanks for the response. The “cropping” method I was talking about is when you import an image as a picture frame, draw some curves, and use the trim command to cut off what you don’t want from the picture frame. This is only slightly more advanced than the above poster in that I wasn’t using a simple box, but instead traced the object in the picture.

I will start with a simple example. Here is a file where the mapping looked great, but after moving around the model (not even changing or modeling anything), the mapping on this t-shirt has gotten messed up. This one has an easy fix though. You can see the t-shirt to the right in the picture was after I applied a Rhino surface mapping style.

What I am interested in is why the picture frames get messed up in the first place, since the fix I just listed does not always work.

I have attached a .3dm of of the file as well.

Picture Frame Error Demo.3dm (508.0 KB)

Here is an image that I meant to include in my last post.

Hi Michael- see if RefreshShade on the goofy objects cleans it up.



It does work on this one, but, like I said, this one is easily fixed by the surface mapping setting as well. I will try to remember if I still have any models that were more difficult (that I haven’t already manually rebuilt), and test out the RefreshShade on those.

Thanks for your help in the mean time.


Hi Michael - if that works, you can globally fix all pictureframes at once and be done. I hope.’


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