Creating Terrain from Contours

Hey Guys, I’m an architecture student tasked with working in Rhino7, specifically in Grasshopper. I’m new to Grasshopper, but experienced in Rhino6.

I want to generate a site model from a set of contour lines I have. I followed a tutorial on YouTube (, but it simply doesn’t work. I always get the same error in the end, when trying to generate a surface from points: “a point in the grid is null. fitting operations aborted”.

Browsing through the forums, I came accross someone who apparently was facing the same issue as I have been facing. I tried his solution (rebuilding the contour curves), but with no success. Here’s the thread: Surface from Points trouble

I suspect there is something wrong with the delaunay mesh, since everything seems fine before that operation.

here are the files: FLON_Topo initiale.3dm (9.5 MB) Terrain From (11.9 KB)

I really hope someone on here can help me out, I’m kinda lost.


hi @phileas.schulhof ,

It seems you got caught by the duplicate post patrol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Joseph_Oster is generous, but you have to be disciplined in your inquiry.

because the tutorial you’re following does not show to you what to do when your situation isn’t the same as in the tutorial :sweat_smile:

long story short: you must account for trimmed vs untrimmed, hit vs no hit (when dealing with projections/mesh ray), luck, fate, Rhino’s mood, tolerance, your own mood and tolerance, Murphy’s law, and all that.

Try this:
Terrain From (20.3 KB)


had the same problem in uni, found this answer, had a good laugh. brilliant!

have a wonderful day,


You can also try Terrainmesh. A plugin I made that makes a mesh no matter the input quality.

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