Lands Desing - Creating a Terrain in Grasshopper

Hi everyone,
the “Creating Terrain from Geometry” Node in Grasshopper does not seem to work for me.
Both ways, Contour Lines or Points, only generate a flat Terrain.

Creating a Terrain directly in Rhino works well with this Geometry but when referencing the Terrain in Grasshopper I just get a really poor Mesh. Plus, the Terrain options do not seem to get referenced. The Height gets set back to 10 although it is set to 1 in Rhino/LandsDesign Window.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Jacob,
I think you need to put a smaller value for the X and Y size inputs, in the Terrain Options component. These values correspond to the terrain cell size. If they are very big, the terrain won’t be accurate at all.

Hi Francesc,
thanks for the quick reply.
This solves the first problem, but not the second:

Hi Jacob, can you attach the model with the terrain you are referencing and the GH definition? That way I can better figure out what’s happening.

OK seems that the Objects were just really tiny (imported from another CAD Software).
Works better after rescaling.

I have just had a brief look into Lands Design, but it looks really promising for now.

Thanks anyway.