Creating reference points on a topography

New to grasshopper here, I am trying to create a structure in grasshopper and populate it across a topography which has varying heights. How should I do this? I can’t find a function that will be able to create reference points on the topography in order to generate a grid to populate the structure. For reference, my structure is circular in the base but hexagonal at the top.

Big thanks!


You need to be far more specific about what you’re trying to do! Otherwise, nobody will know how to help you.

That said, generally you need at least two reference points (or planes): one for the object that you want move, and one or more defining positions to move the object to.

What kind of geometry is your topography? How does it look like? How do you want to orient your object or structure to placed on this “topography”? What kind of grid (square, rectangle, hexagonal, diamonds, etc.) do you want to apply?