Surface Problem - Total Beginner

I’m trying to create surfaces through a series of closed curves that I’ve duplicated vertically. I’m trying to do something like a sweep. But I’m trying to do it in grasshopper without rails so that when I move or alter the curves the surfaces change with them. At the moment I’m doing this in Rhino by manually creating rails, sweeping through each shape and using recorded history, but I was hoping there was a more efficient way of doing this in grass hopper. I’ve attached a photo of what I’m doing at the moment in rhino. Thank you for your time. I hope I made myself clear enough for you to understand!!

Try this: ( right-click => Set Multiple Curves on the curve param to reference your sections )

The order of the curves in the list (order of selection when you reference them) matters, which can be tracked visually using the Point List component:

If your sections are all increasing in height, you could instead sort them automatically by Z coordinate and select them any way you like:

Thank you so much! That was perfect!