Custom defined paneling

I have sphere like rhino object. I want to create rectangular panels only on some portion of its surface. Actually, I want to draw to circles on the surface surrounding the sphere: one near the middle and the other near the end and create 8 rectangular ( more like pizza slice) panels between these circles. Any idea or video regarding this?

Hello - My guess is eventually you’ll want grasshopper but for now , try this:

  1. ExtractIsocurve two circles from the sphere in U.
  2. Divide these into 8
  3. Draw lines or polylines connecting the points.

Is that it?



Thank you. It is similar to this. But the ExtractIsocurve is not working because the rhino object I have is not a simple sphere from where I could extract the circle on the surface.

Hello - you can make horizontal lines and Project them to your object to get the curves.



Thank you very much for your kind help.

With your help, I made 8 slices on the surface of my rhino object. Now I want to make small dents along the boundary of the slice much like soccer ball’s hexagonal pattern, How can I do that. Also I want to measure its thickness of the surface at different points. How can I do this?


Hello - can you post the file or send to I can’t really picture what you’ve got now and what you need…