Fixing bad surface on the rhino object

HeadFrame_V2.7z (9.4 MB)
The attached head frame had hexagonal pattern. I added 8 rectangular patterns ( shown by red lines). I did following:

  1. I first drew the lines( red lines) on the surface. Exploded the object and split the resulting surfaces with the curves to get the panels on the surface.

  2. Extruded normals ( Fin ) to make edges deeper than the desired depressions (~ 1 mm).

  3. Join then FilletEdge .

With this, I got the pattern but the resulting object had many bad surfaces and naked edges which are not easy to fix using commands like ExtractBadsrf, Selbad to isloate and delete or repair them. Do you have any other option to crate the pattern so that I am not likely to encounter with these problems?


Hi @bijayathapa104,

The file you’ve posted is corrupt and cannot be opened in Rhino 6. Can you repost?

– Dale (12.5 MB)
Here you go.

Hi Dale

Any chance to go through the rhino object I uploaded?

That file opens in V6 and ExtractBadSrf works.
Now it just a matter of slogging through to fix it.