Creating developable surfaces from trimmed spheres

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I’m trying to design a pavilion that contains an inflatable bubble-shaped structure.

The design part is practically finished, but I can’t deal with the construction problem. The bubbles are built through the union of sphere, the sphere must be made of fabric so that they can inflate, so to produce them I need to create surfaces that can be developed.

I worked only a couple of days on the problem and aware of the problems of developing a sphere I decided to ask for help :slight_smile:

I hope it will interest you!

ThanksUnrolling Trimmed (263.9 KB)

edit: I am aware of BIG take on this

If you make the profile a poly line rather than from arc segments you practically generate truncated cone surfaces that are developable

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Thanks for the answer but I don’t understand what profile curve you’re referring to

the horizontal circles or the vertical arc?

If you look at the spheres they are basically revolved arcs. So if you rebuild this vertical profile into a polyline, your revolved shape becomes developable


IVY plugin check this out this video too

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Also - although a single sphere will keep it’s shape when inflated, I think you’ll find a boolean union of spheres like this will tend to wrinkle around the crease where they join. (I wonder if that BIG project had some additional internal structure to avoid this)

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You’re right, once you define the geometry I’ll have to check with kangaroo or physical models.

Thanks for your advice, I’ll try different approaches