Cant achieve desired surface (already achieved via mesh)

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This is maybe a basic question, but I stucked. I used Cocoon for isosphere shape generation and I loved it.

Desired shape generated by Cocoon

But, I needed the output as surface (which I’ll continue with Lunchbox after).

I already used patch and drape commands, but their outputs are not useful for later work.

Drape Result

Patch Result

Both results could be splitted with XY plane but there is trimmed surface problem.
If there is a way to make untrimmed surfaces from trimmed ones (little deformation could be accepted) that also solves my problem.

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Post a .3dm file with the mesh. You can use the vertical arrow above where you type your post.

.3dm and .gh files attached:
190820 Form Generation.3dm (242.2 KB) 190820Form (14.2 KB)

190820 Form Generation_subd.3dm (532.1 KB)

quad remesh to subd to nurbs in rhino wip.
you could aglin the mesh to the world axis and force a symmetric layout or use a higher facecout to more closely fit the shape – subd tools are available in rhino wip

Thanks for your reply,

but the output you give is a polysurface, is there a way to somehow rebuild this into one untrimmed surface for lunchbox paneling uses?

or, is there a way to achieve more balanced extensions from patch results? (Extension of the surface is not the problem for later usage, but since they are overly unbalanced it affects my later subdivisions.)

Hi - perhaps you could draw a curve based on the edge of the mesh and use that curve to revolve into a single surface. 190820 Form Generation-wd.3dm (461.0 KB)

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Why don’t you make the profile and then use “Revolve” to 180 degrees? That gives you a totally smooth single surface with circular shape. If you want to be able to further adjust it by manually dragging its control points, simply use “Rebuild” to degree 3 and control points of your choice. :slight_smile:

P.S.: Wim just beat me to it posting a few seconds earlier the same solution. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all replies,

I knew that there was a very easy solution and I cant figure somehow. Now I see :slight_smile:

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