Peeling a sphere


I have a model of a globe - basically a sphere with some texture that I want to peel like an orange into a flat-ish octopus shape with 8 or so arms joined at the top, print onto paper in real life, and then reassemble into a paper globe with texture. I know that the “arms” of the octopus will still have curvature since they came from sphere slices, so I am thinking of using software to do the peeling deformation and then make a 3d printed embossing die from this shape to give the paper its curvature.

I have some Solidworks experience but have no idea how to do such a thing in there and am wondering if rhino and grasshopper would be good for this. Also looking for any tips of where to begin… It would be especially cool to be able to make a parametric rig that could adjust the number of arms that are generated.

Thank you!

there are many discussions on this subject. Just do your market :sweat_smile:

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