Create triangle mesh from LIDAR pointcloud

Hi everyone ! I want to create a triangle mesh from a LIDAR pointcloud (around 10 million points) and i want the faces to be created only from the 3 nearest points of itself. Delaunay mesh don’t work for this case, is there a grasshopper module for this? Or another solution ?

The first photo shows the problem of Delaunay Mesh method with the overhanging rocks :

And the second shows how should it be (it’s the pointcloud visualized with cloudcompare)

Thanks, have a nice day !

Hi -

Indeed, often, CloudCompare is used to turn point clouds into a mesh that you can import into Rhino.
To do this in Rhino or Grasshopper, take a look at the Cockroach plug-in or the older Volvox plug-in.

Yes CloudCompare can create meshes but at this precision it crashes because of the number of points in the cloud (i used plugins->poisson recon), and i need every points to be vertices. Rhino and GH do it but delaunay triangulation renders as first photo. So i’m looking for a command or a software that would take every points and compute triangulation with the three nearest points for creating the mesh.

Hi -

It looks like you can define how many nearest points are being used in Cockroach - perhaps @Petras_Vestartas can provide more information.