Pointcloud to textured mesh


I have a PointCloud (.PLY) of a building that I want to convert into a textured mesh.
The point cloud contains color (each point has its own color) and I used the command ‘MeshFromPoints’ to make mesh from it.
But the problem with this command is that the colors are not included.
So I was wondering if there is a way to get the texture out of the point cloud and put it onto the created mesh?


I just download the Cockroach app on food4rhino. Cockroach | Food4Rhino
I just it in grasshopper but it also has command for rhino. Of you click on the +more you see how to install it.

I forgot this one:

I think it is the most efficient one wich can handle a lot of points.
Then with the delaunay in GH you can make it a mesh. Need a strong computer to do this kind of stuff.