Point Clouds to Mesh

Hi guys!
I am using Rhino standard version without any plug ins and Grasshopper.

I am trying to create a mesh from points clouds e57 file generated from Cloud Compare. I’ve read multiple tutorials but seems that Grasshopper does not recognise point clouds as regular points and delauney command does not work.
The point cloud file has 11 mln points.
Would really appreciate your help!

This post may help you achieve what you are after:

The new Shrink Wrap operation can handle this for you.

Hi Diora -
ShrinkWrap is new in Rhino 8 and I can only find expired Rhino 7 evaluation licenses in your account, so that might not be available to you.

Since Cloud Compare is involved here, you might as well create the mesh in that application and import that into Rhino?

Or, don’t use Grasshopper. Simply open the point cloud file in Rhino, select the cloud and run the command MeshPatch.

Yes, unfortunately the function is not available for me… But I did try creating a mesh in another software and importing it to Rhino. From there I used command meshtonurb but the result is too heavy and not manageable. Maybe there are other ways to work with mesh in Rhino in a more efficient way.

Yes, this is not a good application for MeshToNurb…

Maybe QuadRemesh/SubD/ToNurbs… Or, you can Drape a NURBS surface over the mesh.

Thanks for response!
Sorry, but is this “QuadRemesh/SubD/ToNurbs” one command or a step by step process?

I am a newbie in Rhino :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi -

You should probably explain what you are trying to do with the mesh.

I am trying to produce a 3d Model of the object to be modifiable and openable in BIM programs like Revit and Archicad. I cannot use BIM program directly because the shape is too irregular. I hope this helps

Are you trying to create a mesh or is the end goal to create a NURBS model based on the mesh? If it’s a mesh you need, why not use the imported one? If it’s NURBS you are after, it’s going to take either a lot of surfacing skills or using the QuadRemesh/SubD/ToNurbs work flow suggested by @Helvetosaur - which is available in V7. It’s not a single command, but will quite quickly create a surface model from mesh input. Here’s a few videos on QuadRemesh for you to get started. So basically the idea is to Quadremesh the mesh to get a cleaner, more organized mesh, convert that mesh to Sub-D (can be done either as part of the QuadRemesh command or using the ToSubD command and then convert the Sub-D to NURBS using ToNURBS
HTH, Jakob

Edit: OK, so it’s for BIM, so probably mesh. I’d look at Quadremesh in order to clean up and simplify the point cloud to a level of detail you can use.

Thank you! That was very detailed! I will try using quadremesh command and see the result!